What to do when you are gripped with the fear of Decision Making

Have you ever felt your heart beat so fast it feels as if you’re going to explode? No, I’m not talking about being attracted to a person that your heart beats faster every time you see him or her. Although that can be a good topic to talk about (Suddenly day dreaming…) but I’m not going to dwelling on that subject right now. I’m talking about a situation where you are under pressure, stress, or in fear. It can be a situation where you’re so scared to fail – so scared to make a wrong decision that it might have a gruesome effect in your life. This is a time where you are gripped with the fear of decision making.

I have. And it made me question myself: “why am I afraid to fail or make the wrong choice?” Am I afraid to suddenly realize that I am not that strong as I thought I am? Do I really believe not matter what happens, God works all things for good? Am I scared to suddenly see that this great wall that I thought I built around myself is really nothing more than just a wooden fence? Or I just want to breeze through life without any complications, without any hardship and it’s all supposed to be smooth and wonderful. But let’s face it, life is really a roller coaster ride. You will  have your ups and downs. You will make wrong decisions. You will, at times, fail. You will, at times, succeed.

I realized it’s all a matter of perspective – where you put your focus to. We can go all day thinking what right decisions to make or always be careful not to fail. But we if put our focus to the object of our faith – Jesus Christ – it doesn’t really matter if you fail, succeed, make the right decision or make the wrong one because at the end of it He will love you the same.

That’s the whole point of this entry. We don’t need to be scared of what life has to offer. Because if we put our faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ we know that no matter what happens – whether if it’s a result of our wrong decision – everything will be for our good because He loves us. God is gracious. He can even turn those wrong decisions around for our good.  He is faithful. We just need to focus on Him alone.

What to do When you are Tired of Life

I feel tired. The month of October is nearing its end and I haven’t even created a new entry for my blog. There are just so many things to do. So many things I want to accomplish and 24 hours a day is not enough to finish everything!

I’m reminded once again about Hebrews 12:1-3 and lately He has been telling me to fix my eyes on Him, the author and perfecter of our faith. Because despite the physical weariness, I can’t deny as well that I am happy with what I am doing. It goes both ways – I feel tired but I know that everything that I am doing (ministry, work and other responsibilities) is motivated by my love for people and God that’s why I’m happy. And that’s what we should do most of the time when we feel tired of life. We need to refocus on Jesus, the reason for everything. So in spite of being tired you draw strength from the person who loves you the most – Jesus. And despite at times you feel that you have given up a lot of things (dreams even) for a higher cause you know that it will be worth it in the end. The race will always require your effort and energy but the prize will be worth it.

What’s the prize? I believe, it can be a lot of things. But for me, I see the prize as a life of happiness, hope, contentment and love, despite of – a life that is secured and strengthened because of Jesus.

How about you? What do you do when you feel tired of life?

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