Blessed are the meek

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. – Matthew 5:5

Continuing my series on the beatitudes, I ponder upon the verse above. I like what John MacArthur wrote about what being meek is all about.

Meekness is the opposite of being out of control. It is not weakness, but rather supreme self-control empowered by the Spirit

In some translations the word meek can either be gentle or humble. I look through Psalm 37 because this beatitude is most probably an allusion of verse 11

But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity. – Psalm 37:11

The theme of this chapter revolves around the wicked and the righteous while centering on the issue of who will inherit the land. Will the wicked, who plot against the righteous, who slay those whose ways are upright, who has wealth or the righteous, who are humble, blameless and upright.

But it doesn’t seem fair if the wicked will inherit their land. That’s why this chapter reassures the righteous, they do not need to feel alarmed when they feel they are being overpowered. They should just be calm and not out of control – they need to be meek. To trust in the Lord and do good where they are. To commit their way to the Lord and be still since He is in control. Because the wicked are like grass, they will soon wither and die away.

As I relate this to my life right now, I begun to think of the land I am in. Am I fretting with what is happening in my life and feeling tired of life again? As a single man, we would normally love to have what the world is showing us. A great job that pays for everything we want, from a car, house, branded clothes and electronics. A career where we are blooming and slowing raising up the career ladder. Or a relationship we will be proud about and feel loved with. But as I think about this verse, I begun to realize that I do not need to fret whether I do not have all of these things. As I trust God, be still and just do well where I am planted – to bloom in my work and ministry. I know someday, God will give me the desires of my heart. It may not necessarily be the “material” things or even a relationship. But just an inheritance in the land and peace that you are contented with where you are. To feel blessed because you know you have a great God with you and that is all you need.

May we find comfort in this verse and learn how to be meek. In that process that we do, may we inherit our land, find peace and be contented where we are.

Have you been able to control your desires, bringing it to Jesus’ feet and learning how to trust Him?

B1G South Ministry Update – March 16, 2013

It’s amazing to see how God has always been faithful by looking back at how God established the B1G South Ministry.

The ministry update was successful! A lot of people came and a lot of people volunteered. Indeed, God is able and I am looking forward to another year of experiencing Him through the ministry.

Retrospect of a Grace Showered Individual – The B1G South Singles Ministry

Has it been one year already? Time just really passes by when you love what you are doing. It has been a year since we re-launched the singles ministry in Alabang and I want to take a look back at how it all started for me.

B1G7 teaser posterB1G7 was the start, this was my first singles retreat after how many JZONE retreats I have attended. The retreat really brought into my attention the movement that is happening within young adults. I was burdened when we got back to CCF Alabang. I kept on thinking why there was so much activity in the singles ministry of the North while back in my “home” I didn’t see any. With the love for God overflowing within me, I was determined to help in any way I can to raise the singles ministry in Alabang again.

I voiced out my desire to serve to the core of the ministry. After a couple of weeks, I was invited to a meeting. I remember it clearly. I was there and I did not know anyone that well yet. One thing was clear though, the burning desire to serve in this ministry was there and I really did not care how. For me, I was willing to serve whether it was just to fix the chairs, lead breakouts, and play bass in the music ministry.

What I really did not expect was to be challenged to head the music ministry. To be honest though, I didn’t take the time to really pray and think about it. I was just so burdened to help and serve that whatever will be given to me – I will handle it. I thought leading the praise and worship team will be easy but I was wrong. In my entry “Retrospect of a Grace Showered Individual – B1G South Worship Ministry Team” I shared my ups and downs handling the team.

There were trials and problems along the way but He has always remained faithful and has guided me and the ministry.

From that initial meeting, it was the start of a lot of ministry opportunities. The core was still new with each other but we were always together, at least once a week, to have fellowship, talk about the ministry and even plan for the events we had in mind. We re-launched the singles ministry last March 3, 2012 and launched the name “B1G South.”B1G South GA 2012 Group Pic It was encouraging to see 150+ people excited to hear what will happen in the ministry. From there, people volunteered with the different ministries B1G South has. After a couple of weeks, we had a retreat entitled “Intimacy.” Around 280 people registered in the retreat even though it was during the holy week where people would usually have their vacation and spend time with their families. The retreat brought a lot of people and discipleship groups were established. And after the retreat, regular B1G South services was now scheduled every Saturday. A lot of other major bridging activities were implemented. From a wedding expose, to B1G nights, B1G Unplugged and other events, all these contributed to help the ministry grow and reach out to more people.

The B1G8 retreat was the last major event that happened last year and I even wrote an entry regarding my B1G8 experience. After the retreat we were able to connect first-time participants to a Dgroup and I still see them ,as of this writing, attending B1G South services every Saturday.

B1G South 2011 vs 2012There were so many things that happened in the B1G South Ministry that left us all amazed at how God was moving. The greatest thing for me was to actually be part of the movement and just see how God has been changing people. I got to meet a lot of new friends which had their own stories to tell of how God has changed them. I see people who were once shy suddenly set up and serve in the ministry. Our core which was just initially eight people has now doubled and have their own teams they are managing and serving with. New Dgroup leaders were also trained and the ministry is slowly growing. It’s really not about the numbers and events. It is about people getting to know who God is through the ministry. It is about lives being changed and transformed by the power and love of God.

Again, I am expecting great things that the Lord will be doing in the ministry. In just a couple of days we would be having a ministry update to the whole single community and I am praying that people would see their place in the ministry. That people will be challenged to serve, take part of the ministry and experience God.

B1G South Ministry Update 2013

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