Why Men should Wait Before they Pursue someone

Ok, I won’t deny it. I actually took the time to watch the wedding video of Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes. It’s just all over the social media world right now. I suddenly thought, why not write something about it? I know it seems a little bit weird but it made me ponder and think. What am I supposed to talk about? Waiting for the right one?  Isn’t that more appropriate for women since men are designed to act and not wait? Well, in my own personal opinion, I beg to differ. Men are supposed to wait.

Men should wait because we need to ensure that when we take action and pursue someone, we are ready. We are ready financially, spiritually and emotionally. We wait to take the time to really pray before we do anything drastic. We need to ensure, that somewhere along that path of looking for a partner we don’t end up playing with anyone’s heart. When we suddenly feel attracted to someone, we need to take the time to observe, pray and try to discern what God wants. We shouldn’t be tactless and just go with our emotions. It takes time and lots of prayers to discern what God wants for us to do. One thing you shouldn’t be doing is pursuing someone when you haven’t covered it with lots of prayers.

Some won’t agree with me on this. How do you know if she really is the “one” if you’re not going to make a move and take the time to get to know the person? Well, I’m not saying you don’t do anything. You can’t just wait and hope that the right person will all of a sudden just drop by your doorstep and volunteer to be your wife. That’s just not right. Men should always initiate and women should respond. What I am merely pointing out is that men need to be wise, by taking the time to wait and pray before they pursue. Men should wait to protect their sisters in Christ. Men should wait and learn how to pray so they can make major decisions based on the Lord’s leading. Looking for a wife should be taken seriously.

That’s why it was amazing to hear at the start of the video that Richard waited for 10 years because He wanted his next girlfriend to be his wife. Waiting is never easy. It brings you to the point where you put your faith on the line and not show any inch of control on the situation. And to wait for 10 years, see the fruit of your labor come to pass with your dream wedding and person, is favor.

God is faithful to those who wait and pray. He wants nothing but the best for us. He wants us to be in step with him in every aspect of our lives. I think there is no greater joy for a man than to hear on his wedding that the Lord gave him favor and answered his prayer.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22


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Retrospect of a Grace Showered Individual – The Change in Me

I was never fond of reading or writing. When I was in middle school, English was actually my most hated subject. I was bad in spelling and grammar. Instead, what I loved to do was play sports and basketball was the one sport that I just couldn’t get enough of. When I was in high school,  me and my friends would play basketball during lunch time and sometimes even after classes. I remember I needed to buy new leather shoes every year because I ended up using them to play rather than change in my rubber shoes. When I came to know Christ during High School, I thought I would be used by God through basketball. I thought I was only limited to that extent.  I actually liked that idea anyway. What more can you ask for than be used by God in something that you love to do?

But I was wrong. There was something more in store for me. Something I never imagined I would be doing. Let me share with you how God changed my life.

My journey with God really started last 2007. I was in my last year in college and after years of backsliding, I found myself being drawn to God’s love. My world was shaken when a former girlfriend broke up with me. Weak and vulnerable, I felt like I hit a dead end. I could no longer run away and the only person I knew who can give me comfort was God. I recommitted my life to Him and started my journey again with Him. It was during this time that I started serving again. I still wanted to join a basketball ministry but I knew there was also one ministry I could serve God in. I auditioned for the music ministry, spent my time training and after a while, was given the opportunity to play and serve in JZONE. While in JZONE, I was given the privilege of handling a discipleship group. I poured my time, effort and love to this group of men and I have never regretted the decision of handling a (Discipleship) group. I am thankful to God for He has truly grown and matured them.

As much as I wanted to stay in the ministry where it all started for me, I couldn’t hide the fact that I was growing in years and that I was being called in another ministry – the singles ministry or the B1G South ministry. When I started serving in this ministry, I thought everything would be easy. But leading the praise and worship ministry was no  easy task. I wrote about the challenges I experienced here. But God has been faithful and the B1G South ministry has truly grown! While serving in the B1G South Ministry, one of my biggest flaws as a human was always being noticed. I was hearing a lot of comments that I seemed to be unapproachable. A lot of people suggested that I smile more and not be, in Tagalog terms, “Suplado.” Marc Sorongon ThinkingIt’s hard to look for the proper English word to describe it so allow me to just use the word snob to hopefully give a picture of how people perceived me. It was a hard truth to swallow. It even drove me to write a blog entry about it. I never wanted that to happen. I never wanted to be identified as such. I did not want people to have that impression of me not because I wanted to please them, but because I wanted people to be comfortable around me so I can share Jesus to them. If they only saw me as that, I would lose the opportunity to bless people and show love to people. I really prayed about it. I needed to be changed by God. This was something that has been normal to me because of my experiences when I was young. If change was to happen, I know that it wouldn’t be through my own will and strength. God was the only one capable of bringing out the change in me. And in time, He did. Through constantly spending time with Him, He has changed me. Suddenly I see myself trying to go out of my comfort zone – smiling more and interacting more with people. Some people would affirm that they see me smiling more. Although at times, I still show that “suplado” part of me – I know a lot has changed because of God.

Sometimes I get that feeling that there is really something more He has in store for me. This is the reason why He is constantly changing me day by day – pushing me to be all that He wants me to be for His glory.  Indeed there is. These days, God has just been using me in the pulpit. For the past months, He has been using me to share His word. And may I just say, I never really imagined being here.  I started this entry mentioning that all I ever imagined doing is serving God through basketball. That is even happening now as He has allowed me to be part of the e-basketball ministry, where we share God’s love to people through basketball.CCF Alabang ebasketball ministry But to be given the opportunity to preach His word in public is such a big responsibility. I am still in awe at times, where I feel so unworthy to be used in this way. God has just been amazing and I am waiting expectantly knowing He can do more than I could think or imagine.

Why am I actually writing all this down? Didn’t I mention earlier that I was never fond of writing? I write because my heart is exploding with joy. I want to share that God is in the process of changing people. God can change people. God can change you. God can use you. All you need to do is say “Yes!” Yes Lord, use me.  Yes Lord, change me. Yes Lord, all I have is yours. When we take that leap of faith, be ready for something great! God is moving. Even from way back, he has always been at work. He is just waiting for you to yield to Him so He can work in and through you.

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