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Nobody likes changes! But the truth is, change always happens.

This 2015 I expected changes to happen – some changes in my discipline, some changes in my lifestyle, some changes in habits and a lot more.

But more importantly, and hopefully, a big change in my blog. Throughout the past couple of months somehow, the Lord has been tugging in my heart to write more. I have always expressed my lack of confidence in my writing, but if writing can be a good way to bring people to Christ then I would gladly do it.

Marc Sorongon 2014 MilestonesLast 2014 was a blast. Two major events happened in my life. First, I finally went full-time serving the Lord in the church and in time, I’ll write a post how it was clearly confirmed in my heart that this is what I’m supposed to do. And secondly, God has just blessed me to be in a wonderful relationship with someone who supports me and loves me.

This year, I don’t know what will happen. There are just so many uncertainties. But with my blog, I plan to write more entries about my life experiences aside from my devotional reflections and messages. I hope that this will inspire people to follow Jesus. Connect with me if you want to follow what the Lord is doing in my life and in the B1GSouth ministry. May this year be a fantastic year for us!

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is servant of Jesus Christ. He serves and heads the B1G South Ministry and is actively involved in speaking. He enjoys eating burritos, burgers and Persian food. Add him in Facebook, Twitter and Google+
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