My 2015 Pre-birthday Treat

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Azure Urban ResortThis is one of those moments wherein I really thank God that He has blessed me with someone who just wants to take care of me. My birthday is coming soon and as a birthday treat, my girlfriend planned a day wherein we would do all the things that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. She knows that I want to go on a vacation and just relax. She knows that if I have the liberty of time and freedom from some responsibilities, then I would wish to take a vacation outside the country or even just out of town, perhaps go to the beach. But because there are still so many things that I have to do especially for work, she just decided to take me to Azure, which is the only urban beach resort in the city, for a day of rest and relaxation.

First item on our itinerary was to have breakfast at the 3rd floor Al Fresco open area. We bought food in Mcdo and ate it in the venue while enjoying the quiet and cool atmosphere.

Azure Al Fresco Area

Second item on the list was to workout in the gym area. Some people don’t like working out, but for me, it’s usually a time where I get to unwind. We were there for around two hours.

Azure Gym

Third item was to have lunch in the same area where we had our breakfast, but this time we had some food delivered from Subway.

Subway Sandwiches

Fourth item was supposed to be a 3pm SPA massage appointment, but since we still had around an hour to spare, we decided to hit the beach and experience the blue lagoon in the middle of the resort.

Azure Beach Area

Just 10 minutes before our 3pm appointment, we went to the second floor of Paris Beach Club already and had our massage separately. We both had the hot stone massage which was the masseuse recommendation since it is said to take away any stress in your body.

Azure SPA

I’m writing this entry to just really appreciate my girlfriend. Who would have thought that we can do all of those things in a single day, in one venue. She was the one who planned everything & I thank God for her. I thank God that He has given me someone who is really sweet and thoughtful. The entire day she just wanted me to unwind, enjoy every moment, and not think about anything. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

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