One lesson we can learn from Jesus washing the disciples’ feet

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It was a good thing that I was struck in traffic last night. In the middle of the road with no cars moving, I suddenly decided to read the bible and was lead to John 13. I wanted to study it more, so when I arrived home I tried to read different articles about this specific chapter in the bible. I was blown away with one particular lesson we can learn from Jesus washing his disciple’s feet.

You would read in John 13:1 “knowing that his hour had come that He would depart out of this world to the Father.” This was on the eve of Jesus’ crucifixion and He knew what He was going to experience. He knew the suffering that He would endure. He knew the pain that He would bear. He knew in a moment, in his eternity, that there will be a point where he will experience the abandonment and despair from divine wrath as God placed the sins of the whole world on Him. He knew all of these things but that didn’t stop him from showing selfless service to his disciples.

Lesson: If we are to follow Jesus’ example of selfless service, regardless of what we are feeling (good or bad), we have no excuse not to serve others. At times I hear people say they cannot serve in ministry because they just don’t feel like it. They don’t serve because they have a problem. Or they cannot serve because they are struggling with something. Are we to serve only when we feel like serving? Are we to serve only when the passion to serve is there and not when times are tough? If it’s about God and not about us, does that give us any reason not to serve despite what we are going through?

Jesus showed the perfect example. He knew the suffering that he would endure. He knew at the appointed time, He would leave his disciples and be reunited with His father. And one very important lesson He wanted his disciples to understand was shown through action. He became the living example of the lesson He wanted his disciples to understand. When you serve, you are to be selfless. There’s no more you. There’s no more pride. Nothing about you. Only about the interest of the person/people you are serving. There are a lot of other lessons we can learn from this humbling act that Jesus performed. I pray that we would put this in our hearts. When we serve, it’s not about us or our feelings. It is about this loving God who gave his life for us and showed selfless service, an example which we are to follow.

So I ask you this question: If it’s about selfless service, then what excuse do we have now?

I leave you to answer that question on your own. If you have anything to share or comment, I would love to hear from you through the comment section below. God bless you!

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  1. Thank you so much for this. :)

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