Moving on Chronicles – Part 1

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My high school friends are people who I have really grown up with. It has been more than 10 years since we graduated, but the bond and friendship is still there. We would still make time to see each other every now and then. Whenever we meet, it’s guaranteed to be full of laughter and fun as we reminisce the past and contemplate on our present situations.

Seniorez 2003 and 3 - December 17, 2013After many months of not seeing each other, we scheduled a get-together last Wednesday. We planned to meet for dinner and have coffee after. I told them I would just follow since it was my dad’s birthday and my family planned to have a simple dinner at home. When I arrived, they were already done with dinner and everyone was in high spirits, as usual. They were asking me “ok ka lang?” (are you doing OK?) and other questions that made it seem they were assuming I was heartbroken. Because I knew how my friends are, I thought they were just fooling around. I was really ok in the first place so I was a bit surprised that they were acting the way they were. Suddenly, they told me the news – my past girlfriend was already in a relationship. They were there during the 10 years that our relationship developed. They saw how it was from beginning to end and they even expected that I was going to be the first one to get married. But things changed, and we broke up more than two years ago. It’s really a long story which I am hoping to share one day, but right now, let’s stay focused on this story.

Because of the news, I became the centre of almost all of the jokes during that night. I rode with their jokes because deep inside, I knew I was OK. I admit I was surprised, but I have already moved on. In fact, I felt really happy for her.

I just want to share with you why I was really surprised to hear the news. As I started to ponder on it, I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it-not because I couldn’t believe she already had a boyfriend, but I couldn’t believe that time has passed by so fast and everything seemed to be falling into place. I remember this was my prayer years ago. I prayed that she would be the first one to be in a relationship again. And, somehow hearing the news really made me very thankful to the Lord that He has guided us. I am thankful that he guided us before to make that hard decision of splitting up. Everything went well for me after that. Ten years spent with someone is a very long time. We were both sold on the idea that we were going to end up together, but this news somehow sealed it for me, once and for all. It just wasn’t meant to be.

I really can’t imagine where I would be now if we didn’t decide to break up more than two years ago. I most probably won’t be able to experience the joy and fulfilment in serving in the B1G South Singles Ministry. That’s why I am just at awe and thankful to the Lord for his grace and guidance in my life. I may not know what the next couple of years are going to look like, but I am confident that He is with me every step of the way. This part of my life is already a closed book for me and I am just looking forward to the future-with someone who I know will come at God’s right timing. I do not know when that is and I am trying to be as vague as I can be, but one thing is sure – I know God will never leave me nor forsake. I know He will always guide me as long as I continue to walk with him closely each day of my life.

This is just the first part of my series and I plan to share how the Lord has really guided me on moving on from a failed relationship. It’s with great pleasure to let everyone know that life isn’t all about being in a relationship. While we are single, we need to maximize our time and energy in things that will give us eternal value. The only relationship that really last is with the Lord. People might hurt us at times or relationships might leave us broken and hurt. But with the Lord, love is always there and unconditional.

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About Marc Sorongon

is servant of Jesus Christ. He serves and heads the B1G South Ministry and is actively involved in speaking. He enjoys eating burritos, burgers and Persian food. Add him in Facebook, Twitter and Google+
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  1. Well said, Marc. There really is life after a break-up. Singleness is a wonderful time to focus on the Lord and to bask in his love. It would be interesting to have a female counterpart or version of this as ladies are more emotional and need to be reminded of the Lord’s unconditional love and how our hearts matter to our Creator. He is the lover of our soul. Thanks for posting this and may you continue to bless us with your posts.

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