His Man and His Woman Q&A (Part 1)

Recently, we concluded our series entitled, “His Man and His Woman.” It was a series talking about Biblical manhood and womanhood. We concluded our series by separating the men from the women and having a Q&A per group.

HIs Man and His Woman

It was really fun to be a panelist and answer questions men have about contemporary relationship issues. We weren’t able to answer all the questions, so I decided to answer them in my blog. I hope everyone finds this information full of insight and wisdom.



Question #1: 

Is it okay to invite a girl to go out? The invitation is to get to know her more.

Answer #1:

I normally advice singles to go out as a group if they want to know more about a specific person. Why? Because in a group setting, the person doesn’t put his or her best foot forward. If it’s an intimate date, of course a person would try to impress. But in a group setting you would most probably know who the person really is – what she likes, dislikes, her good side and bad side as well.

Then, when you get to know the person in a group setting, pray, seek advice from Godly leaders, and if you sense God is leading you to know the person even more, then that’s the time to ask her to go out. Not immediately inviting the person to go out will give you more time to pray and objectively seek what is in your heart. You don’t want to be overcome by your emotions or even let emotions cloud your judgement. For example, if you suddenly invited her out, then during the date you suddenly see something you don’t like. If you decide not to have another date, this might hurt the other party and you don’t want that to happen. You want to protect your sister in Christ.

In a group setting, the person is who she really is and most probably you will see something there you don’t like in the person. Then when you see that, you can now observe if you still want to get to know her beyond platonic friendship….



How do you identify that a person is a potential suitable helper to the calling that God want her to be?

Answer #2:

Let’s first discuss that word “calling” because there are callings that are applicable to everyone, and there is a calling specific to you.

For example, everyone is called to make disciples or everyone is called to serve God. Now, since you are called to make disciples, who would be a suitable helper for you? Most probably it is someone who believes and accepts that she or he is also called to make disciples, too, since it is the calling of every believer. That’s why the Bible tells us not to unequally yolk with unbelievers. So if you want to find a suitable helper or partner,  she should be someone of the same faith.

Now let’s talk about specific calling. This is unique with everyone. For example, let me use my personal situation: My specific calling is to lead the singles ministry of the CCF Alabang. That is unique to me. No one else has been assigned to that role. Now, I should think, based on my specific calling, who is the best partner for me? Most probably it is someone who is also passionate in serving the singles as well. This should be someone who is willing to accept that her family’s life will be open to the public and supports the ministry of her husband. That is why one absolute requirement for me is she should serve in the same ministry as I.

But this is using my situation as an example. That’s why you should pray for God to reveal what He specifically wants you to do in life whether it’s become a pastor,

corporate executive, business man, entrepreneur, philanthropist, etc..

My simple advice regarding the best helper or partner for you is to look for someone who not only loves and serves the Lord Jesus Christ, but also shows Christlikeness in her actions. You’ll never go wrong with a Godly woman.



There are still other questions to be answered. I will tackle them in my next blog post. If you have anything that you want to share just leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you. God bless!

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I can’t believe what the Lord gave me

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. I have been so busy every since I went full time. For those who are thinking to go full time in the ministry and you’re thinking that this will give you more time for other things – you’re wrong. Well, for me that’s the case.

Ever since I went full time I have been so engaged in the work that the Lord has entrusted to me. This week alone I lead a bible study last Thursday, spoke in a company on Friday, then the following morning I spoke in our fellowship for BPO employees and then another speaking engagement in the evening. It’s been an amazing journey for me. There are ups and downs but I’m just thanking God that He has given me the grace and strength to continue to move forward.

And there’s one thing that I’m really very grateful to God for right now. Despite my busy schedule, He gave me the strength and provision to finish the renovation and furnishing of my condo unit.

Condo Modern Zen Design

When I went full time, I surrendered all of my dreams. There was a big dip in my salary. I surrendered getting married at an early age. I surrendered my dream of being able to buy my own home and a lot of other things. I never really knew what to expect, but there is one thing that I know. I know that the Lord will provide and He will take care of me.

I remember there was a time where I only had Php150 pesos. I even wrote that in my diary. After leading a bible study suddenly a love gift was handed over to me. I didn’t expect that. I’m ok even if they don’t give me one. I’m not doing this for that. I’m doing this because this is what the Lord has tasked me to do and in that moment, I really understood that I do not have to worry. He will provide for me.

The completion of my condo unit is another testimony of God’s goodness in my life. It is a testimony of God’s faithfulness in my family and towards me. I don’t have a big unit, but it’s enough to live on my own and even start a family someday.

I’m writing this to let you know, that if you walk in the path that the Lord has called for you and you have a relationship with Him, He will take care of you. If we know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more our heavenly father?

Do not worry about what tomorrow may bring. Trust in Him. God provides. Learn to walk in obedience. The psalmist was right.

Psalm 34:10

The lions may grow weak and hungry,

but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

I hope this short post, brought encouragement to your life. I hope to be able to write more in the future. If you have any comment, just write in the box below and I would love to hear from you. May God’s blessing be upon your life!

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An Open Letter to those who volunteered for Saturday Slow Down

Sometimes it takes years to see what you envisioned before to actually happen.  This is exactly what I realized last Saturday.

B1G South Saturday Slow Down

Last Saturday we launched our Saturday Slow Down sessions. Yearly we plan for an event that would use music to share Jesus to singles. Our first attempt was 2012; the event was entitled “Unplugged.” This was the moment when I was leading the worship team. Most of the band members and singers were new. I remember having so many concerns and issues during that time. It took months to practice songs and the team we’re still learning how to gel and play with one another. We were able to pull it off, but there were so many things to improve. The following year (2013), we did another unplugged session, but it felt like we did so much better last year. When 2014 came, we tried to do something different. We decided to use songs to remind, inspire and challenge believers to make disciples. It was better compared to the past two years, but deep inside of me I know we can do more.

Last Saturday though, was “it” for me. How the event happen is how I really wanted it to happen. It was how I initially envision it when began to plan an event like this back in 2012. The band was great. The program was smooth. The transitions were well practiced, and the message was tied up properly with the song. Overall, I praise God for his grace in allowing his event to happen smoothly. I just like to thank those who have volunteered to help and made this event successful. I know a lot of people sacrificed their time and effort – I thank God for all the volunteers.

Saturday Slow Down B1G South Worship TeamWorship Team, I know it’s not easy to play more than 10 songs. The “Arreglo” of the songs wasn’t that simple also, but all your hard work paid off! Everyone was playing his or her role and no one stood above another. I heard a team. I heard harmony. I saw unity. I’m thankful that everyone took the time to practice and improve his or her musicality. I hope your passion for your craft will not die down, but you will constantly seek to grow and improve more. May you never lose sight that you are given this talent to worship Jesus and to always play for the audience of one.

Production Team, wonderful job on the set design! You were able to create the ambiance that we wanted. The bulbs and lights looked awesome and very relaxing. I know preparing for this event was not easy as well. I know some of you were even working during the holiday. I really want to thank you for your commitment and service. Don’t lose the love for what you do. Don’t lose the focus of doing all this for the Lord. The Lord has blessed you with creative minds and it should all be given back to him.

Saturday Slow Down B1G South Marketing TeamMarketing Team, thank you for conceptualizing the theme of the event. The video was great – as usual. Thank you very much for using marketing skills to promote this event. Right now, we have around 20,000 views for our video. I know it was not easy to shoot a video like that, but as you’ve seen last Saturday, the hard work was and will always be worth it.

Admin and Food Team, your team is always in the background, but you hold an important role in the ministry. Thank you for your team’s effort to handle the registration and provide food for our aching tummies. The chill con carne tasted so good! Thank you for feeding more than a hundred people despite a limited budget. Thank you very much for your help.

B1G South Saturday Slow Down Ushering TeamUshering Team, I can see your team slowly growing. I’m blessed with your heart to welcome and engage our guest. It’s not an easy job. Sometimes you don’t even get appreciated, but I want you to know that I do appreciate what you guys are doing. I see everyone’s effort and contribution. Your team is really valuable and I’m blessed to see you everyone active and growing. Continue to build your team. Continue to be the front liners of love in this ministry.

Prayer Team, your prayers are very valuable and I thank you for always covering us with your prayer. I believe that this event was smooth because of prayers. Prayer is really a very powerful thing and I thank you for being our soldiers on bended knees.

There are other individuals that I want to personally thank, but I know I can’t mention everyone. Just note that I do appreciate and know all the efforts you have given to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Great is all your reward in heaven. Thank you for everyone who helped. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to God for everyone’s help and participation.

Philippians 1:3 – I thank my God in all my remembrance of you

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