What is the essence of fellowship?

I would like to start by going through Acts 2:42 because this is where we see the start of the church and fellowship.

42 They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.


After Peter’s astounding preaching in Acts 2, that three thousand people received Jesus Christ and were baptized. Starting with this huge number is mind blowing. We’re talking about 3,000 people who are just beginning with their faith; they most probably still have a lot of issues and concerns that they are dealing. They need to devote themselves to hearing sound doctrine, regular fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer in order to keep the faith and grow. When verse 41 mentioned the breaking of bread, it was probably meeting on a regular basis with food. Although it was not just to eat food and be merry, breaking of bread is part of the Lord’s Supper and thus, they were continually meeting with food on the table and having the Lord supper to remind them of what their Saviour has done. This is part of fellowship

Small Group FellowshipWhat is fellowship? When we talk about fellowship it can mean association with people who share the same interest. We can be in fellowship because we have the same hobbies, we like to eat the same food, or we play the same sports. When we talk about Christians who fellowship though, there is only one common interest that should unite us together and that is Christ. The early church modelled that fellowship. After their conversion, they gave their devotion first to listen to the apostle’s teaching. They spent time listening and studying about Christ because they were in fellowship, desiring the same thing – to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

The early church was also constantly discussing things of Christ and encouraging one another.  While they were devoting themselves to the apostle’s teaching they were most probably in constant communication about the things they are learning. They just don’t listen to the message and then go and do their own thing. When you would read verse 42 it says “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostle’s teaching and to fellowship. Having healthy and facilitated discussions about the word of God is part of a fellowship. It is part of growth. If we are united about “one” thing wouldn’t it just be best to discuss that “one” thing always? If there is a group that loves photography, wouldn’t it be part of their culture to discuss photography? It would be weird to have a photography group and in fellowship, talk about video games? That doesn’t seem right. It’s the same when we are to be in fellowship with other believers, one indication that we are in true fellowship is when we gather together as a group and discuss Christ – what He has done for us, what He is teaching us, how are we getting to know Him more, etc.

One area that we need to develop in our fellowship with men and women of Christ is prayer.  We go to activities that happen within the premises of our church building but when it’s time to have a prayer meeting do we have the same excitement? I believe this is a crucial discipline we need to instil in our fellowship. Prayer should unify us since we are coming together to seek Christ and in prayer, reaching out to Him together. It’s amazing to see a group of believers gathered together in their knees for prayer. In that moment of group desperation, God is glorified because of unity in Christ. Think about it. If you would see a multitude praying to reach out to the lost, they are in fellowship. They share the same battle cry, praying to their Lord and acknowledging that they cannot do this task without divine guidance and help. That’s a powerful sight to see.

My desire for the B1G South ministry is this fellowship. That’s why we have weekly fellowship for singles every Saturday at 6pm. It is to be in fellowship. Aside from being part of a small group fellowship, big group fellowship is also encouraged. Oh, how I desire that I grow together with these individuals as we study God’s word and encourage one another every week. It’s only once a week, it’s not even as regular as the early church which was meeting daily.

I know life can get busy. Believe me when I say, I understand that part of life right now.  Despite our schedule though, I pray that we will not neglect to be in fellowship with other believers. The true essence of fellowship is Christ. He unites us and we gather because of Him. If you want to be in fellowship with other singles, may I just invite you to attend our service every Saturday? If you are interested, just leave a comment below.

The grace of the Lord keep you and sustain you as we wait patiently for His coming. God bless you!

Moving on Chronicles – Part 1

My high school friends are people who I have really grown up with. It has been more than 10 years since we graduated, but the bond and friendship is still there. We would still make time to see each other every now and then. Whenever we meet, it’s guaranteed to be full of laughter and fun as we reminisce the past and contemplate on our present situations.

Seniorez 2003 and 3 - December 17, 2013After many months of not seeing each other, we scheduled a get-together last Wednesday. We planned to meet for dinner and have coffee after. I told them I would just follow since it was my dad’s birthday and my family planned to have a simple dinner at home. When I arrived, they were already done with dinner and everyone was in high spirits, as usual. They were asking me “ok ka lang?” (are you doing OK?) and other questions that made it seem they were assuming I was heartbroken. Because I knew how my friends are, I thought they were just fooling around. I was really ok in the first place so I was a bit surprised that they were acting the way they were. Suddenly, they told me the news – my past girlfriend was already in a relationship. They were there during the 10 years that our relationship developed. They saw how it was from beginning to end and they even expected that I was going to be the first one to get married. But things changed, and we broke up more than two years ago. It’s really a long story which I am hoping to share one day, but right now, let’s stay focused on this story.

Because of the news, I became the centre of almost all of the jokes during that night. I rode with their jokes because deep inside, I knew I was OK. I admit I was surprised, but I have already moved on. In fact, I felt really happy for her.

I just want to share with you why I was really surprised to hear the news. As I started to ponder on it, I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it-not because I couldn’t believe she already had a boyfriend, but I couldn’t believe that time has passed by so fast and everything seemed to be falling into place. I remember this was my prayer years ago. I prayed that she would be the first one to be in a relationship again. And, somehow hearing the news really made me very thankful to the Lord that He has guided us. I am thankful that he guided us before to make that hard decision of splitting up. Everything went well for me after that. Ten years spent with someone is a very long time. We were both sold on the idea that we were going to end up together, but this news somehow sealed it for me, once and for all. It just wasn’t meant to be.

I really can’t imagine where I would be now if we didn’t decide to break up more than two years ago. I most probably won’t be able to experience the joy and fulfilment in serving in the B1G South Singles Ministry. That’s why I am just at awe and thankful to the Lord for his grace and guidance in my life. I may not know what the next couple of years are going to look like, but I am confident that He is with me every step of the way. This part of my life is already a closed book for me and I am just looking forward to the future-with someone who I know will come at God’s right timing. I do not know when that is and I am trying to be as vague as I can be, but one thing is sure – I know God will never leave me nor forsake. I know He will always guide me as long as I continue to walk with him closely each day of my life.

This is just the first part of my series and I plan to share how the Lord has really guided me on moving on from a failed relationship. It’s with great pleasure to let everyone know that life isn’t all about being in a relationship. While we are single, we need to maximize our time and energy in things that will give us eternal value. The only relationship that really last is with the Lord. People might hurt us at times or relationships might leave us broken and hurt. But with the Lord, love is always there and unconditional.

If you want to connect with me just add me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  Here is the next part of my moving on series on how to move on from a break up.

My Top 5 Entries Since I Started Writing

It’s that time of year when things have started to pile up. The B1G South ministry is in the middle of planning for November’s retreat, I have a couple of speaking engagements coming up, and there’s just so much work that needs to be done. It just goes to show that when you’re busy, time just seems to fly by so fast. I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since I started writing this blog. When I was trying to decide what I wanted to write about, I honestly didn’t have any specific niche in mind. This is the reason why I decided to call my site assorted ideas – I just wrote whatever came to mind.  But as my relationship with the Lord grew, I was moved to write about Him and His impact on my life. It’s been a year and I thank God that with his spirit, He has inspired me to write powerful entries that has been a blessing to others.  To recap, here are my top 5 entries since I started this blog last September 2012.

5th Place – Prayer and Fasting Testimony 2013

It was a wonderful experience just writing what I have learned and how God has really just spoken to me during the prayer and fasting week last January 2013. I remember I was all alone in my room and I was writing my thoughts down while feeling intense hunger. It was a moment when the Lord felt so near and the hunger to know Him had become stronger than the hunger for food. This entry stands as a testimony that if we draw near to God he will definitely draw near to us.

4th Place – 3 Ways How to Manage Your Emotions

Singles love to talk about matters of the heart. This entry is an excerpt from my message at B1G Connect last July 6. Why am I including this in my top entries? Aside from the fact that this entry got the most number of comments (will reply to them one by one soon), I believe the message really hit the spot for a lot of singles. It is only through God’s word that we will be able to add logic to our emotions, and not be carried away by it. It’s only through His word that we’ll be able to really manage our emotions.  I know this entry spoke to a lot of people and I praise God for that.

3rd Place – 3 Things I learned while I was not using Facebook

If you love logging on to Facebook or any form of social media, this entry is for you. Upon posting this entry, I immediately got a high traffic of views for my site. This entry helped others rethink their Facebook habits. That anything blown out of proportion will never amount to anything good. And yeah, someone naturally linked to this entry as well so it means it was worth sharing. Amazing!

2nd Place – The Shadow I want to run away from

I can still recall the feelings I had when I wrote this entry. My heart was really heavy when I wrote this. I was just a couple of days away from preaching and I was feeling really discouraged. At that moment, I just felt that strong need to write and this is what came out of that. It took me just one seating to get it all out. I haven’t always had that much confidence in my writing because I tend to mix up words and letters when I write. But this entry made me realize that somehow, with God’s help, I’m able to write. This was the start of it all. This entry really holds a deep sentimental value in my heart. Try reading it and let me know if you come across the “shadow” I was referring to.

1st Place – Let’s do 8!

And the best entry goes to…*drumroll*…my B1G8 Retreat Experience – the most viewed entry. I’m not sure if it’s because there are a lot of people who are still interested in B1G8 or if there are people just looking for retreat ideas (according to my analytics). Whatever it is, I hope my experience has provided them with the information they need. This was one of my longest entries. I actually had to cut this entry short since I was afraid that I might end up boring my readers. This entry contains so much learnings. This retreat not only confirmed that I was serving in the right ministry, it also helped grow my love for my discipleship group. It has taught me valuable lessons about God and the overall experience proved to be such a blessing for me. I think one section of this entry that drew quite a strong interest from readers, was the part where I wrote down what happened during fellowship night. I can still remember it – my hopeful love story ending in failure. Haha.

Indeed, time flew by so fast. At this point, I’m just glad that God has lead me to write and I want nothing more than to glorify His name and bless other people through my humble entries. It’s been only a year but I have a feeling that I will continue to write as long as I can. Who knows? Maybe even write a book someday. To Him be the glory alone!

How about you? May I know if there is any article that you liked or would want me to write about?

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