Nehemiah 2 Sermon

What’s great about preaching is sometimes you think you are actually the one teaching when you’ve just realized that you are actually teaching yourself as you preached. There’s one thing that really caught my attention in my message yesterday in B1G South Connect. The truth – “It’s not about me but about God” – was really for me. I finished creating my message last Tuesday (November 13, 2012) and the few days remaining before my message yesterday was used to edit a few points and finalize my flow (yes, even my jokes ;-) ).

The slide “It’s not about me” was actually just inserted the same day I was speaking because I  clearly felt God wanted me say something about it – not knowing that it was really also for me. Clearly, there is more that I need to think about and digest when it comes to this truth.

I’ll start sharing my presentations from now on. I pray God speaks to you even as you just go through my slides. I wasn’t able to show the last 3 slides since my laptop lost its power during my preaching.  You may take a look at my slides below. This is my Nehemiah 2 sermon. I’m praying God will open your eyes and heart for you to understand it.

If you have any question then drop me a comment and I’m willing to answer it. God bless!

Unplug your Night! | B1G South Unplugged 2012

I already had people in mind, which I was hoping to take the challenge, when I opened the floor to those who wanted to join the praise & worship team. But things went differently than what I expected.

He brought me mostly people who were volunteering for the first time. This required lots of training to develop musicality and rehearsals to ensure team cohesion. But all the efforts and time sacrificed was worth it! I saw the team growing closer together. I saw individuals improving in their area of responsibility whether it’s prompting (singing) or playing an instrument. Most of all, I saw God was working in and through us

Especially with all the things being prepared for the B1G Unplugged event later, we saw how God has remained faithful and has helped us finish all the tasks we need to complete.  We saw how He is moving and what better way to offer a song of praise other than on the event itself.

As the worship team continues to prepare for the songs – we are also preparing our hearts. So when the bell rings and it’s our time to perform we’ll only have one thing in mind – we want to give glory and praise to our God alone.

I am once again inviting everyone to the B1G South Unplugged 2012 event later (September 22, 2012) at 6pm in 3rd floor, CCF Alabang. Tune in and unplug from the world. Together let’s celebrate God’s love and goodness on Saturday!

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