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Why I WriteIt’s been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. I hate it when I try to start my entry this way. Looking back in some of my entries, it has always been a subtle excuse – I’m just too busy to write. I was never fond of writing. I wrote in one of the articles that English was the subject I always had a lowest score. I love math and English is totally the opposite of what I feel about it.

But for the past two years, writing has been a part of my system. When I say writing, I don’t necessarily mean writing for my blog only. For the past few months I have written a lot and these things that I have written was mostly for my preaching and speaking sessions. Regarding my blog though it has been weeks since I wrote anything.

God has somehow always tried to get my attention again to write. Maybe that’s something He really wants me to do. One thing is clear to me though. It has been a good experience for me to journal everything the Lord is doing in my life and document it. That’s why I do this.

Despite my lack of confidence in my writing, I do this to document the Lord’s faithfulness in my life. I don’t know if you’ve experienced it as well, but when things go well in your life or even when things go bad you suddenly forget who the Lord is.

Last Saturday in our breakout session we talked about mementos or having something personal that would help you remember what the Lord has done. For me, it’s my blog. During that moment, I started to think and ask myself “but have I written anything lately?” Simple answer “no.” This made me realize I need to write again. Even John Piper’s lastest blog entry also challenged me to start reflecting and writing again.

I wrote a lot of experiences here.  Some garnered a lot of views and some didn’t. My entry about my B1G8 Retreat Experience during 2012 has the most number of views and my entries about the last B1G South True Life Retreat have been a good article about what God has done during that time. When I wrote down my retrospect entries, it was a tough one. It took me a couple of month before I was able to complete writing four entries about the change in me, my dgroup, leading the worship team and my experiences when B1G South was just starting. Whenever I read those entries again I just marvel at what the Lord has done.

I’m writing this article as another starting point; a reminder to myself to start writing again. I am not the best writer out there. Some may not even again to what I will write. In the end, I do this to just glorify the Lord and remember the goodness of his deeds and grace


Psalm 77:11

11 I shall remember the deeds of the Lord;
Surely I will remember Your wonders of old.


Through this blog, I want to bless my readers. My entries aim is only to bring glory to the Lord. This is why I write. I write this entry to let you know that maybe (just maybe) when I begin to slow down in my writing you can drop me a note and remind me why I need to do this. I know I need to make time and your encouragement will greatly help. You may have other ways to remind yourself about the Lord’s faithfulness, just drop a comment below and I want to hear from you. God bless!

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is servant of Jesus Christ. He serves and heads the B1G South Ministry and is actively involved in speaking. He enjoys eating burritos, burgers and Persian food. Add him in Facebook, Twitter and Google+
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