Retrospect of a Grace Showered Individual – Worship Ministry Team

I already finished writing about how God has worked in my Dgroup for the past 4 years. Now, let me take you through how He has led me to grow and fall in love with a team I never knew I will be leading someday.

When we were planning on how we would build the singles’ ministry in Alabang, we needed a lot of people to step up and take a lead in one of the core groups the ministry is supposed to have. I just wanted to help out, and I never taught I would be assigned to lead a team immediately. I was challenged to head the praise and worship team. I taught it will be an easy task to do. I have been part of the worship team before so to lead it this time was something I thought will be an easy task.

I already had people in mind I was planning to talk to and tap to be part of the ministry. I was honestly envisioning the same JZONE band we had before to just step up and take the challenge to be the new Singles’ band. But I was still open and trusted God that if he wanted to rise up a new breed of worshipers I will follow Him on that. Auditions were open for anyone interested to join the ministry and praise God He brought a lot of new volunteers!

Intimacy Retreat Worship TeamAfter the Intimacy Retreat last April 2012, it was the start of the regular B1G South service every Saturday at 6pm. Those who passed the auditions were still unable to play or sing since they still need to undergo training and I needed to look for musicians under the current CCF pool who are willing to play each Saturday. It was tough during that time. Every week I had to look for people who were available to play. There were times when it was almost just a day or two away and I’m still missing one musician who can play for the band. When I lead the devotion I always say the same thing – God has always been faithful and He has always brought musicians who will play even in the last minute. It was a time where I need to put my faith in Him alone. It was a time when I need to remind myself it’s not my ministry – it is his ministry. He will provide for the resources needed for His ministry and He did!

This went for months and I fully committed myself to help train those who passed the auditions for the band. Every Wednesday we had training.  We we’re trained by Mr. Bernie Duran himself – if you don’t know him check his video in YouTube. Every Wednesday is a time we can learn theories about music but also enhance the skill God has given us. There were even times where we would just master one song and for hours we would try to play it, study the sequence and chords of the song. It definitely took time and energy but everyone was committed to this and I was very thankful for the team God has given me.

B1G Unplugged CollageOne major event we had for the year was B1G unplugged. It was an acoustic night event and we have lined up 13 songs to be played. It was a BIG challenge for us.  All of those playing were new, from the band to the singers. But this is where I really saw how each one was committed to the work assigned to them. We practiced for weeks and everyone even took a leave from work just to practice and do a dry run a day before the event. I was really blessed to see each individual’s commitment. The event was designed to be evangelistic, for the songs and spiels to be a message of God’s love. But little did we know that the event we were planning for was actually also for us – it brought us together as a team and we definitely bonded as a group. After the event, we learned a lot of things. We even did a post evaluation to really list down all the things we need to improve as a team and individual.

2012 Worship Team Retreat CollageAfter unplugged, the team had a lot of moments where we were building team cohesiveness and training. We attended the worship ministry retreat where the singles’ ministry had finally shown its presence in the whole music ministry of Alabang. Here, we were able to relax and unwind. But it was also very memorable for me since I shared to the team the mission and vision of the ministry again and how excited I am to what God will be doing in and through us. We continued with our regular Wednesday night practices and our Saturday rehearsals. Each Saturday that we played was a time where we can worship God with the talents He has given us. Almost everyone from the worship team attended the last B1G8 retreat. The team had no active participation in the praise and worship of the retreat itself but everyone was still very active in the retreat activities. The last activity we had for the year is our overnight Christmas party. We had dinner, exchange of gifts, games and most importantly took the time to study God’s word and pray for the coming new year.

B1G South Worship Team 2012 Pic Collage

I never planned and expected all of the things that will be happening in our ministry. From the time when I was struggling to find volunteers who will be able to play to a team right now that is very active and in love with the Lord. I will always thank God for giving me this privilege to lead and see how He can definitely work on His ministry. There were trials and problems along the way but He has always remained faithful and has guided me and the ministry. How He brought me individuals that are always ready to serve is really amazing. He continues to move through us and train us to be the team who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. I don’t know where He will take the team in the coming New Year. But I know it will be immeasurable more than I can think or imagine!

How about you? Can you share in the comment section below your experience of leading a worship ministry team?

Jesus is the reason for the season

I was reminded of a very important truth – I am a child of God. A child chosen among the few. A designation that was given to me as a gift and there is nothing that I can do to remove that truth.

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God. (John 1:12-13, NASB)

To be reminded of this truth is very important in the Christmas Season. Because to be child of God means to believe in Jesus Christ. And even though this sound cliche “Jesus is the reason for the season”.

When we spend time with our family during Christmas, I do pray that we won’t lose the focus that it is only because of Jesus Christ that we are who we are – Children of God. Praise and glory to God alone for giving us this privilege to be part of his family. Let’s all give thanks!

Do you have the tendency to lose sight the focus of Christmas? Have you take the time to thank God today?